Friday, Sept. 9, 11

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. I have been out of the house most of the day. This morning I decided to run to our local Walmart in Eau Claire to use some of my coupons. I went prepared with my list but of course they either didn’t have some of my items or the prices were way different from what I wanted to pay. Some of my good buys were:

2 Visine eye drops reg. price 3.50 each –  after coupon .50 each

4 Summers Eve Cleansing Cloths 1.62 each – after coupon .62 each

Dr Scholl’s Heel cushions 6.98 – after 3.98

2 Degree Deodorant (travel size) .97 each – after coupons FREE plus .03 overage on each one

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner (this is the large size bottle)  4.97 – after coupon FREE (coupon from the company)

4 Schick Disposable Razor 12 pack 1.97 each – after coupon 1.47 each (an ok price)

Sauve antiperspirant (full size) .97 – after coupon .22

Revlon Nail Clippers 1.42 – after coupon .42

8 Meow Mix Cat Food Cans .48 each – after coupon .27 each

2 Philadelphia Cooking Cream 2.47 each – after coupon 1.72 each

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Singles 2.50 – after 1.50

Pillsbury Sweet Moments 2.50 – after 1.50

Land O Lakes Cinnamon Spread butter 2.24 – after 1.49

Land O Lakes Spread Butter 2.24 – after 1.74

2 Haribo Gummies 5 oz .97 each – after .67 each

2 Skittles 13-16 oz. 1.98 each – after .98 each

Also got a couple of boys shirts clearanced out for $3.00 each

This wasn’t my whole shopping list as I haven’t shopped in a couple of weeks but these were the sales items. In all I spent 56.00 & saved 38%.  It’s not my best by all means but it was still a savings and every little bit helps. My checker was nice but not very happy when I gave her all my coupons. All I said is, well you know when your unemployed it sure does help stretch the money. Of course no comment. Well I better get off as I am on my way to see my grandson play Football. Hopefully, it’s a good game and they win. Til next time…. Bye



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