Shopping trip today 9/22

Hi everyone,

What a day. Cold, chilly, and dreary out. What else was there to do but go on a shopping trip. My mom and I had to drop her car off to be serviced so we made a few trips while waiting. Made our weekly trip to Sold 4 U Auctions to pick up a few treasures. Then we went out to the other one at Lake Wissota to take a look at their new building and see what they had. Nice building and real clean. The ladies who were working were pretty nice too. Mom forgot her pen and paper so the lady gave her a clipboard  with pen in paper in hand was ready to go.  I was impressed. So we’ll see what if any treasures it will bring next week. After that we stopped to have lunch at Old Country Buffet and spent some nice quality time talking. When we were done eating we went to Wal-Mart. I didn’t spend very much and didn’t get a picture but here is what I got along with the savings.


.74 Nestle candy bars B1G1 free (4) or 37 each

4.86 Cottonelle toilet paper down to  3.86 for 6 pack double roll

5.88 New Velveeta Queso cheese down to 4.88

1.36 (2) taco seasonings down to .36

6.48 or 1.08 each (6) 1 lb. Riceland Rice down to 3.48 or .58 each

3.96 (2) bags of Skittles down to 1.96 or .98 each

My savings were 53%

Then off the Gordy’s. They had a nice 10/10 sale going on. I didn’t have any coupons for what I needed and this stuff was on my regular shopping list but I still saved pretty good.

I spent 27.00 and saved 25.00  A savings of 52% My excel program rounds out my dollar amounts for what I spend per trip.

Last trip of the day was to Festival Foods:

Some great buys included: Cheetos, Frito’s, Savings of 1.51 per bag and Sun Chips a savings of 2.01 per bag , Saltines .78 a savings of 1.37 and grapes were .69 per lb. Also a gallon of milk was down to 1.68 a savings of 1.51. I would have said that 6 bags of chips would have lasted a month here but as soon as I got home my hubby had to dig into them. So much for that. LOL

Paid 17.00 Saved 19.04  A savings of 52%

So overall, my savings were pretty good at over 50% at every store I hit. Not my best but that’s ok I still did good and had a good time today with mom. Will be busy canning tomorrow and the grandson’s football game out-of-town but if I get a chance I will be on-line to give some shopping pointers. Have a good evening a take care y’all.




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