Must read on “new coupon restriction”

I was catching up on my blog’s today and I found this article from Couponing 101. It is a must read. I wanted to share it with you and after reading I too checked my coupons and found what she had been talking about. Thanks to Couponing 101. If you like this article please join her blog and read all her other exciting information.

New Restrictions on Printable Coupons (Is Extreme Couponing the Cause?)

This post may contain affiliate links – Disclosure Policy. by Stephanie on September 23, 2011

Are you visiting after watching TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”? Please read this post first: Realistic Couponing. Be sure to sign up for FREE Email Updates so you never a miss a deal, freebie, or coupon! In addition to seeing store coupon policies changing, we apparently need to prepare ourselves for printable coupons to change as well.

The other day released several new high value Schick coupons, and among them was a $6/2 Schick Disposable Razors Printable Coupon. Since Wal-Mart carries packages of these razors for under $2, many were excited about getting the razors free. Wal-Mart also allows overage according to their coupon policy, so this coupon would mean $2 in overage to apply to the rest of your purchase!

However, when I printed the coupon, I noticed something unusual. In the bottom right corner of the coupon it says “No cash back if coupon value exceeds retail price.” I have never noticed wording like that on a coupon before. I also searched many of my other coupons to see if there was similar wording, and found nothing.

This is apparently a completely new coupon restriction. This coupon restriction overrides Wal-Mart’s overage policy, so Wal-Mart would not be obligated to give overage for this coupon even though their policy allows it. Is this a new restriction that we can expect on future coupons? Are manufacturer’s taking extra precautions to protect themselves from coupon misuse? Is this a result of the TLC show “Extreme Couponing”? I think “yes” to all of the above. What do you think?


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