Osseo Hometown Market in Osseo Sale 11/14 – 11/27


Since 1966

Located at 13307 10th Street

Osseo, WI 54758

I have started to add the weekly sales for Osseo Hometown Market in Osseo. I couldn’t find them on the web but they are on Facebook.  Check out some of their weekly sales.

.89 per lb. Shurfresh Young Turkey – grade A with pop up timer – 8-24 lbs.

.99 Broccoli per bunch

.88 Birds Eye Vegetables 10-16 oz. bags (selected varieties)

.79 Shurfine Cake Mix

1.09 Shurfine All-Purpose Flour

.99 Kemps Chocolate Milk 1/2 gallon

2/$5.00 Nestle Toll House Morsels 10-12 oz.

4/$2.00 Jell-O Gelatin Dessert with in-store coupon

4/$3.00 Jell-O Pudding Mix

.99 Kraft Cool Whipped Topping 8 oz.

5/$3.00 Swanson Broth 14 oz. can

4/$5.00 Kraft Stove Top Stuffing

5/$4.00 Campbell’s Cream Soup 10.75 oz.

4/$5.00 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese

2.99 Kraft Miracle Whip

They also have an in-store Deli and fresh bakery items daily. check it out and keep it local….

Happy Shopping


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