Saturday, December 17th.

It’s Sunday, the 18th of December. I can’t believe that it’s one week before Christmas. The time sure has flown by. I just started baking Christmas cookies a couple of weeks ago with the daughters and grandkids. But if their house is anything like mine the sugar cookies are all gone.  So yesterday two of our grand-daughters came over and we made one batch of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and one big batch of sugar cookies. Took a long 6 hours. And that didn’t include the frosting which hasn’t been done. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  I did the rolling out of the dough and they cut the cookies.  (that’s what took so long. Sometimes more than once). But toward the end when there was a little dough left, I let them play in it. It was going to be thrown out anyway. So they were practicing their rolling skills. A lot of flour and dough on the floor later and they were pooped. Boy, they sure had fun though. So while they took a shower to get off all of the flour, I cleaned up the mess. It’s times like these that they will remember. Then we sat down after supper to a bowl of popcorn and juice to watch “Home Alone” my favorite Christmas movie. So today as they went home early this morning, I sent a pail of cookies home with them so that they could decorate.

Eve was measuring out the butter to be mixed.

And after finishing up the mixing, Miss Bria, decided to finish cleaning up the bowl.

Toward the end of the baking, they decided they didn’t want to wear their aprons anymore. I think that half of the flour was on them. A fun time had by all including Grampa who got to taste and taste, and taste again. He had been outside putting up more decorations. I think he was having more fun than everyone.

So now, I have to try to get all my baking done by the middle of the week so I can start on some food for the weekend. My daughter wants Christmas cookies sent to her, but every time I send Christmas cookies they end in bite size pieces literally. So unless I can figure out how to package them without them breaking, I’m not sure if I will get them out or not. I have great intentions but they don’t go over very well. For the most part, it will be a pretty quiet Christmas. We are going to the old Country Church on Christmas Eve day and then spend a quiet evening at home as the kids have to go to their other in-law’s homes. Then on Christmas Day they are coming over to the house for a while as some of them have to run to other families houses. That’s the only thing I hate about the holiday’s is that there isn’t enough time to visit everyone. But as fast as it came, it goes even faster. Before you know it, it will be a new year.

Will be back after supper to post the upcoming sales and our trip to visit Santa at Bush Brothers  with the kids and grandkids.


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