Aldi’s ads for week of december 18th

The Joy of Christmas Savings

1.69 per lb. Spiral Sliced Half Ham – 8-lb. avg. weight

7.99 Kirkwood Boneless Turkey Breast 48 oz.

.89 chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix 6 oz.

1.49 Del Monte Gold Pineapple each 

1.99 Navel Oranges 4 lb. bag

1.69 Russet Potatoes 10 lb. bag

.69 Onions 3-lb. yellow or 2 lb. red, sweet, or white per bag

7.49 Sea Queen Jumbo Easy Peel Raw Shrimp 16 oz.

7.99 Sea Queen Shrimp Variety Pack 24 oz.  – Special Buy

1.99 Happy Farms Cheese Blocks 8 oz. assorted varieties

1.99 Countryside Creamery Butter

1.69 Baker’s Corner Baking Morsels – seasonal item

1.69 Baker’s corner Sweetened Coconut Flakes 16 oz. – seasonal item

4.99 Belmont Berry or Apple 40-42 oz. Deep Dish Pie or Belmont Turtle Pie 30.5 oz. each – seasonal item

3.99 Grandessa Signature Mini Eclairs or Cream Puffs 22-27.4 oz.

5.99 Grandessa Signature Assorted Baklava 20 oz. – seasonal item

4.99 Belmont Brownie Trio variety pack 14.4 oz. Thaw and Serve.

1.49 Baker’s Corner Sugar or Chocolate Chip Cookie Mixes 17.5 oz. – seasonal item

2.29 Beaumont French Vanilla or Double Mocha Cappuccino 16 oz. – seasonal item

2.49 Nature‘s Nectar Sparkling Juice Cocktail red or white grape 25.4 oz. – seasonal item

24.99 Crofton Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – special buy

22.99 Sealtite Holiday Tree Storage Box – special buy

7.99 Sealtite 62 quart storage box – special buy


Happy Shopping!!!




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