Shopping trip

All I can say is WOW!!! I’m wiped out. Decided to go shopping today for a few things and see if I could find some good clearanced out items from Christmas as well as to use some of those coupons before they expire tomorrow.  One thing I’m going to have to learn is either go early in the morning or later at night. I should know by now, that I hate fighting the crowds and rushing through my transactions. Distractions all over. Otherwise, it was a decent day. Didn’t overspend and found some really great deals. Some will be for home and the others, will added to the donation box since it was emptied for the holidays to help a needy family. So we’ll start all over again, which is fine for me. Just to share a few of the great deals that I got at Wal-Mart, I’ll start by saying I saved 44%. By far not my best, but I had other things on my list that there wasn’t a coupon for and I needed them.  So with that in mind, here is a glimpse of some of the saving’s I got at the Eau Claire Wal-Mart.

ITEM                                      PRICE    QTY.      COUPON          TOTAL

Xmas Rugs                           5.00          2            5.00                  5.00 FOR 2

Ducolax                                 1.98          4   (2)    5.00 Q’s    + 2.08 in overage

Bayer Adv. Aspirin           3.47          2   (2)    2.00 Q’s         2.94 for 2 or 1.47 each

Theraflu Warming            4.47          1             3.00 Q                1.47

U Liners                                1.24          2     (2)   1.00 Q’s              .48 for 2 or .24 each

Gas X                                      1.98          1              1.50 Q                  .48

Fixodent                               3.47           1             3.00  Q                 .47

Excedrin   20 ct.                3.24          2     (2)   2.00 Q’s            2.48 for 2 or 1.24

Bengay                                  5.98          1              5.00 Q                  .98

Heluva Good Dip               1.58           2    (2)     .75 Q’s             1.66 for 2 or .83 each

Cinnamon Butter              2.22            1              .75                     1.47

AquaFresh Toothpaste      .97            1              .75                      .22 

Farm Rich Mozzarella     5.47            1             4.97 (sale)      3.97

So except for the food and the Christmas rugs, it’s a good start for the donation box. I just wanted to show you that by doing a little at a time it will add up.  Whether you have  a stock pile at home, or if you donate, one item at a time, is all it takes. And a reminder that the overage you accumulate can always be used to help lower that bill. Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and we’ll be back on Sunday for the next week’s sales.

Good night and as always – Happy Shopping!!!


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