Wal-Mart Excursion 1/14

What a busy day today. I almost thought that I would never get it together long enough to get going today. Couldn’t sleep last night so of course this morning, I shut off the alarm. Well, let’s say I didn’t really sleep cuz I kept checking the clock and finally decided to get up at 9 am. First thing – poured that cup of coffee. Then stoked up the wood stove, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the counter. Worked on my coupons a little bit and then had to get ready to run to town to the pharmacy. Can’t believe I did that on one cup of coffee. Drove to town and then back home. Another cup of coffee. Changed into something a little dressier as I had to stop at a job fair at United Health Care today.  I hope all goes well. But of course,  it was packed so I patiently waited my turn and after two hours and a tour of the facility, I finally left. Now off to Wal-Mart.

Let’s just say, I really didn’t need anything except printer ink and vitamins  but as long as I could score some good deals, “why not shop a little.” So inside I sashay’ed with my big purse in hand, full – with my coupon binder, my ads, and my list; I went to work. It makes it a lot easier when you have a list. But of course if I bring all my coupons I usually end up looking for more than what’s on my list  & for that all allusive deal. You know the one…… yes, you do. I did okay. It’s by far not my best. But the ink took up half. Then of course there were those items that I had coupons for but even with the coupons, they were still high so I decided to get the Great Value brand instead. You know, you need those snacks on hand for the Football games this week-end. Especially the “Packers”. “GO PACK!!!”  Anyway, I am going to share some of the great deals that I got. Most of which is going in my give-away box. Some goes to family, the rest get’s donated. So with that in mind here are some of the deals. Spent $100, saved $58, a savings of 36%.

$9.97 Men’s One A Day Vitamin’s. On Sale for 7.97 – 2.00 coupon = 5.97

$1.98 Dulcolax 10 count 10 packs 19.80 – 15.00 in coupons = 4.80 for 10 or .48 each

$1.33 Hall’s Cough Drops. On sale 1.18 – .50 coupon = .93 each

$ .94 Carefree Liners 7 packs @ 6.79 – 3.50 in coupons = 3.29 or .47 each

$4.47 Cortaid Anti-Itch Cream (2) for 8.94 – 7.00 in coupons – 1.94 or .97 each

$2.50 Cortaid Anti-Itch (small size) (3) for 2.50 each or 7.50 – 10.50 in coupons = FREE with an overage of $3.00

$2.18 Colgate Toothpaste (price match K-Mart) .94 – .75 coupon = .19

$6.88 Pictionary travel game (2) 13.76 – 10.00 in coupons = 3.76/2 or 1.88 each  [great for presents]

46.97 Ink [ went up $4.00 from a month ago] : (

.97 Bic Crystal Pens 10 packs – (5) 4.85 – 5.00 in coupons = FREE plus .15 overage

.74 Hershey’s Air Delights – (12) B1G1F – 8.88 – 4.44 = 6 free

2.18 Chex Mix (price matched from Walgreens Ad) would have been 8.72 but with price match 4/$6.00 and another 1.00 off coupon = 1.25 each

Still didn’t get all that I wanted. As usual, Wal-Mart shelves were pretty empty again. Was told many items wouldn’t be in until next week. But this was throughout the store. I think I’ll start driving the extra 5 minutes and go to Chippewa and start doing business there as they have their shelves stocked. So hopefully next week, I’ll be able to snag the rest of those freebies to add to my donation box. Which includes: benefiber, KY Jelly, Dental Floss, Schick Disposable Razors 10 packs Scotch Brite Sponges, Scrubbing Bubbles and some stir fry mixes. But in the meantime, what a start to the donation box. So in the meantime, I’m off to Gordy’s. Will check in later and show off my buys. Have a good evening and will chat again soon.


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