Eau Claire Trip

Well it was that time again for my trip to Eau Claire. Actually, I had to go up for an on-line job assessment. Now tomorrow I will have an hour telephone interview. I am hoping for the best, but there are so many people who applied for the jobs available that my odds are a little slimmer. But with my experience, and hopefully a great interview tomorrow, I’ll get it.  I haven’t really been on Facebook much this week so I’ve been kind of slacking on my coupons. Last night I tried getting some together for my trip to Eau Claire today.  I still spent enough but there were some great deals. This is only my sales deals that I’ve taken a picture of. I also had other items that weren’t included just because they weren’t on sale. Printer ink, computer paper, etc. Here are some of the items that I’ve broken down per cost before and after coupons. There were a few coupons that the cashier didn’t want to take because of the two bar codes on the bottom from printed coupons on-line, but then I had her  call the assistant manager over and he said some weren’t going through. He tried and they went through just fine.  She wouldn’t have taken them if I hadn’t said anything.

$1.58 –  Hellavu  Good Dips – .83 each

1.36 –  Halls Cough Drops – on sale 1.18 paid .68 each

$1.24 –  Kotex U Liners – paid .24 each

$2.84 –  KY Jelly – FREE plus an overage of .36 on 2

$2.86 each – Stayfree Liners – B1G1F = 1.43 each

.97 – Reach Dental Floss – FREE plus an overage of .6 for 2

1.24 each – Ivory 3 pack soap – 2.67/3 or .29 per bar of soap

$1.00 each – Nabisco Teddy Grahams & 2 Wheat Thins – 3.00/9 or .33 each (would have gotten more but they were out) had coupons for 18

.98 each – Martha White Muffin Mix – 1.41/2 or .70 each

1.00 each – Uncle Ben Rice Bowls – FREE

1.00 each – Uncle Ben Rice/Broccoli boxed – .71 each

1.28 each – Barilla Whole Grain Pasta – .56/2 or .28 per box ($1.00 coupons)

1.28 each Barilla Whole Grain Pasta – 1.46/2 or .73 per box (.55 coupons)

1.98 Pace Salsa – .98 Price Matched Mega Foods

I thought I had everything but I forgot the most important thing on my list. My hubby’s watch. So back to Eau Claire tomorrow to get that picked up. Maybe the other Wal-Mart will have the rest of the items in stock so that I can pick up the rest of my freebies. 43% savings.  Have a good night and we’ll talk with you soon.


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