My Shopping Trip

I’ve finally made it and went out shopping. You see, I haven’t been able to go for a while because I had surgery so I’ve been housebound until I was well enough to get out. I still wasn’t able to drive so I enlisted my mother to take me to Eau Claire as I had a Doctor appointment and then wanted to stop and get a few groceries. Even being housebound I wasn’t really keeping up with my couponing. I think I slept more than I did anything else. But once I started feeling a little better I thought that I better try to get caught up. All my coupons inserts have been put into their respective date, pulled the month end coupons, and discarded the old ones.  So that’s finally done. Now to get back in the swing of things and start showing more of those deals that I’ve found.

I made two store trips. One to Festival Food and the other Gordy’s. I found some decent sales. So here is a little breakdown of what kind of deals that I got.

Festival Foods

.99 Hoffman Shrimp Sauce – savings .63

1.79 Belvita Breakfast Bars – had a $1/1 coupon wyb a gallon of milk – cost was .79

1.39 Kemps Gallon Milk – I love this sale – reg. 3.49

1.89 Xtra Laundry Detergent – saved 1.70

.49 Dole Celery –  in store sale

.68 Birdseye Frozen Vegetables – in store sale (reg. 1.82)

1.68 Roma Pizza’s – reg. 3.49

2/5.00 Kraft Milk Bars (reg. 2.98 each)

  • with $1/2 store sale
  • .75 mfg. coupon
  • Final $1.25 per box after sales and coupons (got 8 boxes)

.78 Kemps Sour Cream – in store coupon

.88 Kemps Chocolate Milk 1/2 gallon – in store coupon

$29.20 Cost for 26 items

$36.78 Total saved

Saved 55 %

Gordy’s County Market

$1.98 Cheetos or Fritos – reg. 3.49

$1.94 LOL Cottage Cheese – reg. 3.89

$2.48 Cedar Crest Ice Cream 59 oz. – reg. 5.49

$2.48 Ice Cream Sandwiches 12 pack – reg. 3.45

10/10 sale

Got: Renuzit Room Deodorizers, Tri-colored Rotini, Canned Flavorite Fruit, an English Cucumber, & Lettuce Iceberg

$1.68 Flavorite Butter in-store ad – reg. 3.45

$1.98 Doritoes – reg. 4.29

$1.99 Case of Gordy’s bottled Water – reg. 3.99

$42.06 for 27 items

$36.38 savings

Saved 47%

So in the long run it wasn’t a bad day. I must say that maybe I don’t shop like those “Extreme Shoppers” but I am very happy when I save that kind of money. 1/2 off your grocery bill isn’t bad. A lot of things I’ve bought ahead for the upcoming Memorial Day and Graduation parties. So I have it now instead of paying full price when it isn’t on sale. It sure puts a savings in my pocket. Have a great weekend.


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