Aldi’s Seasonals Are Back April 29 – May 5

Good Monday morning to all. Cloudy here in Western Wisconsin but that’s alright because we need the rain.  It is so dry outside the creek behind the house is very low. It’s a trout stream but I don’t know how the trout can swim in that. They must be in the higher water areas because I sure haven’t seen any. Usually I can see them jump in the water for bugs when they are nearby.  Anyway, the April is at the end and the beginning of May is tomorrow. A lot of seasonal products are back at Aldi‘s. If you’re not already grilling out, what a wonderful way to start-up with their seasonal buys.


 $8.99 All Natural 85/15 Ground  Beef Patties 3 lb.

$5.99 Parkview Super Dogs 20 – 1/4 lb. hotdogs

$1.99 Parkview Classic Cheese Dogs

$7.99 Appleton Farms Baby Back Ribs 24 oz.



$.59 each Avocados

$.79 per pkg. Roma Tomatoes

$1.19 per pkg. Sweet Corn 4 ct

$1.19 per pkg. Blackberries 6 oz.

$1.19 Strawberries 1 lb.


$1.99 Belmont Fat Free Sherbet assortment 48 oz.

$.99 Benton’s Kids Ice Cream Cups or Sugar ones

$1.99 Berryhill Ice Cream Toppings assorted

$1.69 Benton’s Kids Waffle Bowls or Cones

$2.49 Freeze n’ Squeeze Freezer Bars 36 pk.

$2.49 Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars (orange or English Toffee) 12 ct.


$1.99 Nature’s Nectar raspberry Lemonade or lemonade 59 oz.

$.99 Benner Iced Tea or Nature’s Nectar Fruit Punch 64 oz.

$3.99 Infuse Thirst Quencher 8 pack

$.79 Arizona Canned Tea assorted flavors 23 oz.

$.99 Tuscan Garden Marinades

$.99 Burman’s BBQ Sauce



$39.99 St. Cloud Indoor/Outdoor Rug 5×7

$189.99 Gardenline 4-piece Conversation Set (includes: 2 arm chairs, loveseat, four pillows & coffee table)

$12.99 Gardenline Solar Lights 6 pack

$4.99 Assortment of Perennials (available on May 2)

$12.99 Japanese Maple Tree 1 gallon assorted varieties (available on May 2)

Go to to check out their additional sales going on.


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