Aldi’s Weekly Sales

Aldi‘s Weekly Sales – August 26th through September 1st

Stock up with great prices in time for the Labor Day Festivities…..


$3.29 per lb. Roseland Baby Back Pork Ribs

$5.49 Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Breasts 48 oz.

$8.99 Ann Natural 85/15 Ground Beef Patties 3 lb.

$2.99 Parkview Bun Length Wieners 3 lb.

$1.69 per lb. Pilgrim’s Pride fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts jumbo pack 5 lb. – special buy

$3.89 Parkview Sausage 40 oz.


$0.49 Avocados each

$0.99 each Cantaloupe

$0.29 Peaches, Plums, or nectarines

$1.29 Blueberries per pint

$1.49 each Honeydew


$0.99 Great Gherkins sliced pickles or relish

$0.69 burman’s Mustard 14 oz.

$1.99 Ice Cream Bars 12 ct.

$1.99 Sundae Nut cones 6 ct.

$1.99 English Toffee or Orange Cream Bars 12 ct.

$1.99 Ice Cream Sandwiches 12 ct.


$2.39 Party cups 50 ct.

$3.29 Full size clear cutlery 96 ct.

$1.49 One ply napkins 250 ct.


$17.99 Crane  3-Hole Bean Bag Toss – includes two targets, 6 bean bags and a carrying bag

$19.99 Crane Washer Toss – includes two targets, 6 washers

$1.99 Fusia Crab Rangoon 4.8 oz.

$1.99 Fusia Mini Egg Rolls 6.8 oz.

$1.99 Fusia Asian Style Entrees 14.2 oz.

$3.99 Fusia Lo Mein 32 oz. chicken or shrimp

$9.99 Kitchen Living 12″ stir fry pan

$27.99 Crofton Digital Rice cooker and steamer

$6.99 Kitchen Living manual knife sharpener

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