Vegetable Latkes

Vegetable Latkes

I have a large garden. And one of the things that I grow is Zucchini. Most of you know, if you have a garden that they produce quite a bit. I’ve already frozen many bags of them for soups as well as breads, but I didn’t want them to go to waste. Well I found this recipe on-line so I thought that I would give it try. Afterall, they sure looked good on paper.

They are a vegetable pancake, which are fried. They are usually made of potatoes, but you can use zucchini, carrots, or turnips. I chose Zucchini. I’ve also just heard that mashed cauliflower is good as well.

The Recipe

3 cups grated carrots, turnips, daikon radish or zucchini

2 eggs, beaten

pinch of salt and pepper

oil for frying

Put the grated vegetable in a light weighted dish towel and squeeze out as much water as possible.

In a bowl, mix the vegetable, eggs, salt & pepper.

Heat 1/2 c. oil over medium to medium high heat. When the oil is hot enough make a patty about 1/4 cup and form into a loose patty. Put in the hot grease and press down gently.

Cook at least 2-3 minutes on each side.

This was the version that I found. My version was basically the same but I added a little oatmeal to hold it together better,  green pepper and onion. I also found that adding less oil in the pan worked better than the 1/4 cup. As I put in the pan I added a little shredded cheese on top and cooked until slightly browned then turned over and cooked. The first time I tried it, it was good but as I said I cut down on the oil and added the oatmeal. The second time I made it, it was wonderful.

Well my husband wasn’t as fond of it. So he decided to eat Swiss Chard and chicken. I myself, don’t like swiss chard. So what I’ve decided to do, is take a poll and see what you think looks more appealing. My Zucchini Latkes or his Swiss Chard. The Zucchini Latkes might not sound that great, but trust me it was wonderful and I’m not much of a vegetable person.

Another idea, would try sprinkling with a little cinnamon on the carrot latke’s, or curry powder to the turnip latke’s. Whatever your taste buds, try experimenting. After all, you won’t run out for a while, since it grows in abundance in the garden.

Enjoy and hope to hear your comments….. Have a good evening.


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