Get a taste of Germany this week at Aldi‘s.

$.89 Broccoli per pkg.

$.89 Onions 3 lb. yellow or 2 lb. red sweet or white

$.49 Baby Carrots l lb. bag

$1.19 Cauliflower per head

$.89 Red potatoes 3 lb. bag

$.89 Cabbage each

$1.79 German Breads each assorted varieties


$6.99 Tyson Fresh Pork Roast kit for two 2.75 lb.

$4.99 Mum in Basket 8” pot

$2.69 Smoked Bratwurst or Knackwurst 16 oz.

$2.99 Nuremberg Bratwurst (imported from Germany) 8.82 oz.

$1.69 Red Cabbage with Apples 24 oz.

$2.29 Potato Pancakes 10.6 oz.

$5.99 Port Schnitzel 24 oz.

$1.99 Egg Spaetzle (imported from Germany) 17.6 oz.

$2.99 Musli Cereal (imported from Germany) 17.6 oz.

$1.99 European Mustards (imported from Germany) 12.2-13.3 oz.

$1.69 Pretzel Crackers (imported from Germany) 6 oz.

$2.99 Bavarian Soft Pretzels (imported from Germany) 17.57 oz.

$3.49 Marzipan Stollen Bites (imported from Germany) 12 oz.

$2.49 Liqueur Cake – Amaretto or Jamaican Rum (imported from Germany) 14 oz.

$9.99 Shoe and Accessory Shelves

$9.99 Expandable Garment Rack

$34.99 Kids’ 4-Tier Organizer

$7.99 Vacuum Storage Bag 4-piece set

$16.99 Crofton Utility Heater

$9.99 St. Cloud Two-pack decorative Plush Pillows

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