Walgreens Balance Rewards Program


Walgreens Introduces  Balance Rewards – save, earn,  & redeem

Walgreens is starting Balance Rewards instead of the usual Register Rewards program. Your best bet is to contact your local Walgreens. I haven’t stopped at the Walgreens I shop at but I plan on making a trip sometime this week, to check it out. 

Join today either on-line or in store and this week you are able to earn over 90,000 points in this ad. As any ad it states restrictions apply. I have not had time myself to read the policy, but for full terms and conditions, visit www.Walgreens.com/balance.


  1. 1.       Save on sale items with their card.
  2. 2.       Earn 500 points for every prescription and immunization.
  3. 3.       Points on thousands of items each week.
  4. 4.       10 points for every mile when you walk with Walgreens.
  5. 5.       Redeem instantly with as few as  5,000 points in store or online.
















  1. 6.       4 Ways to Join Balance Rewards
    1. a.       Scan the QR code
    2. b.       Visit Walgreens.com/balance
    3. c.        Call Walgreens toll-free at 855.225.9225
    4. d.       Sign up in store

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