Aldi’s Weekly Sales

Aldi’s Weekly Sales

Oct. 7th – Oct. 13th

$1.99 Priano Stuffed Shells or Manicotto 16-20 oz.

$1.29 Happy Harvest cut Sweet Potatoes 29 oz.

$1.99 Chef’s Cupboard Vegetable Stock 32 oz.

$1.79 Chef’s Cupboard Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup 32 oz.

$1.29 Reggano Lasagna Noodles 16 oz.

$1.79 Priano Ricotta Cheese 15 oz.

$1.99 Baker’s Corner Muffin Mix (apple cinnamon, or cranberry orange) 14-16 oz.

$1.99 Benton’s Maple Leaf Cream Cookies 11.4 oz.

$1.99 Berryhill Creamy Caramel Dip 14 oz.

$2.99 Pumpkins 10-20 lb. average

$0.59 each Honeycrisp Apples

$1.59 per pkg. Caramel Apples 3-pack with nuts

$2.49 Apples 3 lb. bag

$1.19 Anjou Pears 4 pk.

$0.69 each Pomegranates


$1.49 Baker’s Corner Apple Pie Filling

$1.49 Baker’s Corner Cookie Mix 17.5 oz.

$4.49 Peanut Delight Peanut Butter 40 oz.

$2.49 Baker’s Corn light corn syrup 32 oz.

$1.99 Southern Grove Dates (chopped or pitted, 8 oz.)

$2.49 Baker’s Corner Blueberry Pie Filling 21 oz.

$0.99 Baker’s Corner baking sprinkles

$2.49 Baker’s Corner Baking Cocoa 8 oz.

$0.99 Baker’s Corner Baking Powder 8.1 oz.

$2.89 Café Bistro Danish Butter Cookies in a tin 12 oz.

$2.49 Café Bistro Cookie & Wafer assortment


$7.99 Tyson fresh Beef Pot Roast with vegetables 2.76 lb. (this starts Wednesday)

$0.99 Baker’s Corner Halloween Confetti Cake Mix 18.9 oz.

$2.99 Baker’s Corner 6-in-1 Halloween Sprinkle jar 7 oz.

$1.29 Baker’s Corner Halloween Frosting 16 oz.

$14.99 Crofton Mini Cupcake or Cake Pop maker

$44.99 St. Cloud 7-piece deluxe Comforter set king or queen

$29.99  St. Cloud 300 ct. thread Sateen Sheet Set king or queen

$19.99 St. Cloud Microplush Blanket king or queen

$4.99 St. Cloud Quilted Bed Pillow king or queen

$19.99 Vanderwall 3-drawer storage cart

$79.99 Vanderwall Roll-Away bed

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