Gordy’s Shopping Excursion

I had a day off of work yesterday,  so I decided that I would make a trip to Eau Claire. Had to pick up a few things.

First, I had to update my coupon box. I hadn’t worked on it for a couple of weeks.  So out with the old and in with the newly cut coupons. Then compared the ads to see what I needed. After I finally got going with coupon box in tow, I headed off.

This trip was from Gordy’s.

Paid $62.64  – Saved $87.77 for a savings of 59%

Not to shabby if I must say. Yes, I’m by no means an extreme couponer but I thing this is a great savings. The best buy of the day was the Gevalia Coffee. It retails at Gordy’s for 8.39 per bag. It was on sale for $4.98. After the 1.50 coupon, it cost 3.48 each. A savings of 4.91 on each bag. (separate transactions as there was a limit).

Rain check’s for $10/10 sales. Got 3 cinnamon’s for Christmas baking and 7 Sunny D‘s.

$3.99 each  Nabisco Ritz & Triscuits on sale for 1.78 each – used $1/2 q’s

$3.45 each Chex Cereal on sale for $1.88 each

Sugar 4 lb. on sale for 1.48

 1.85 each Dole Pineapple on sale $10/10 – used q’s

Baking Chips 2/$1.98 These were from Festival Foods used $1/2 q’s (making them .98/2)

5.99 pre-priced Velveeta used $1.00 peelie

$5.45 Miracle Whip on sale for 2.48 w/purchase of 6 Kraft items and store coupon – also stacked w/mfg. $1.00 q. (making it $1.48)

Barq’s Rootbeer .78 each

 $3.99 each Kraft Chunk Cheese (4) on sale for 1.18 each used (2) $1/2 mfg. q’s (making them .68 each)

Sour Cream

$.99 each Nesquik (2) used (2) .50 q’s

Land O Lakes Sour Cream on sale for .68 w/coupon

Even filled my turkey card up half way so will be getting a FREE 8 lb. turkey.


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