Jan. 13th – Jan.19th


$1.19 lb. Kirkwood resh chicken thighs 3.5 lb. avg.

$3.99 lb. Roseland pork tenderloin

$1.19 lb. Kirkwood fresh chicken Tenderloin 1.5 lb. avg.


$.69 Celery large stalk

$1.29 Russet potatoes 10 lb.

$.69 Onions 3 lb. yellow, 2 lb. red, sweet, or white bag

$.89 pkg. Mushrooms 8 oz. whole, sliced or Baby Bellas

$.59 Carrots 2 lb. bag

$1.29 Zucchini 24 oz. bag


$2.29 Naturel’s Nectar 100% Blendz 46 oz.

$1.89 Nature’s Nectar cranberry juice cocktail 64 oz.

$3.99 Fit & Active protein meal bars 9.5 oz.

$2.39 Fit & Active vitality cereal 12-14 oz.

$1.99 Fit & Active snack packs 100 calorie

$.79 Fit & Active Energy bar

$3.99 Southern Grove peanut trio bowl – winter seasonal


$2.49 Season’s Choice frozen blueberries 12 oz.

$1.99 Season’s Choice frozen strawberries 16 oz.


$.89 Friendly Farms all natural nonfat greek yogurt assorted varieties 6 oz.

$1.99 Fit & Active vanilla nonfat yogurt 32 oz.


$4.99 Fit & Active fresh turkey Tenderloin 30 oz. rotisserie or creamy Dijon

$1.89 Nature’s Nectar diet cranberry juice 64 oz.

$99.99 Cory Everson Home Trainer System
• Over 39 exercises and 10 workouts
• Easily folds to store under a bed or in a closet
• Three color coded resistance cords with seven levels of resistance

$29.99 Crane 32 lb. Dumbbell Set
• Includes a pair of 3 lb. 5 lb. and 8 lb. weights
• And a stand for storage

$24.99 Crane 36” jogging trampoline

$12.99 Crane ab trimmer or Multi-purpose workout bar (your choice)

$24.99 Crane Pulse Watch w/built-in pedometer function

$24.99 Crane aerobic step deck with 4 resistance cords and an ab rocker

$5.99 Crane toning assortment with choice of yoga block w/strap, yoga mat, dual exercise wheel or core ball

$19.99 Kitchen Living personal drink mixer

$19.99 Kitchen Living Panini grill

$4.99 St. Cloud memory foam bath mat

$19.99 Vanderwall 5 function 2-showerhead kit

$9.99 Vanderwall shower caddy assortment

$7.99 Vanderwall toilet tissue holder assortment

$8.99 Vanderwall 5 L step bin, toilet brush w/holder or plunger

$2.49 Boulder bathroom cups 3 oz.

This is only a partial listing of the sales. For more sales go to


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