Life On The Farm

What a Frigid morning. Below zero wind chills. Time to get dressed in my layers of clothing for the trek out to the barn. Four layers in all. Gosh it’s hard to move. But move I must.

My first step outside, whew. The cold takes your breath away. Instant tears coming down my face. First, start the car and make sure it starts. I am letting that run while I’m now off to the barn. Head down, keeping the wind out of my eyes. I can handle the cold, but the wind chill is terrible.

The ewe’s have decided it is time to lamb. So while my husband is working, it is my job to keep an eye on the sheep. All look good. Nothing tells me that it’s time to lamb yet. In all we have three baby lambs. Two were born last week, and then yesterday I had to go help my husband with another one ready to lamb.

Yesterday, it wasn’t as easy. We had a ewe that was having a problem birthing. She already had one but there was still at least one waiting to come into the world. It was time to help her along. We couldn’t tell if there was more than one inside or not as my husband kept feeling three legs. So he was trying to get them straightened out so that she could give birth. If there is more than one, sometimes they will get tangled up as they are both trying to get out. After 30 minutes, we finally got the lamb pulled out. Unfortunately, the lamb was dead. He was not fully developed so he had been dead for months. I hate that when that happens. It’s always nice to see an easy birth and the great joy of watching the little lambs come into the world.

While we waited to see if there was another lamb inside, it was now to time to get momma up and get the little lamb that made it, to suck. Mission accomplished. That little lamb (a boy) was hungry. Mom was strong for her baby and stood there while he ate. We treated her with penicillin and gave her some grain and water. After the baby lamb was finished eating, momma laid down to rest and she ate a little bit. No more lambs for momma.

Momma and baby are doing well today. Time to come in for a warm cup of coffee and to warm up myself and spend some time doing my ads, as it has been a busy weekend with work and then helping along with the birthing. I will be spending the day in and outside checking on the lambs and waiting to see if there are any more births. As soon as I have time I will share some pictures of our newest babies.

Have a wonderful Monday and stay warm….


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