Again, this was my Target shopping trip last week. What a great savings and I donated most of this to the church and food pantry. Great feeling and simple enough to do.



Wow, what a day today. One day off of work so I decided to make a trip to Eau Claire and use some of my coupons, that have been gathering. I haven’t had the time to make an Eau Claire trip since before Christmas, so this was due, and I was pleasantly surprised.

After a few stops, I went to Target. This is the picture of what I got. Forgot to add the gift cards and Catalina’s that I also got. $20 in gift cards. Whew……

20 boxes of General Mills Cereal
2 bags Purina Beyond One Dog Food
1 Centrum Silver 100 ct.
5 Poise wipes 20 ct.
4 Poise Feminine wash
2 Quaker Instant Apples and Cinnamon Cereal
2 Peanut M&M’s bags
2 bags Bayer Aspirin 120 ct.
2 large containers of Pantene (Shampoo or Conditioner)

Total cost: 193.31
Paid: 67.63
Savings: 125.68
Plus Gift cards (4) $5.00…

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