Mother Nature

What a weekend!!! First rain, than sleet, then wet heavy snow. And this went on all day. I can handle the 8 to 9″ of snow, but when it is icy too, that’s just way to much. Thanks Mother Nature. I know last year’s temp was almost 80 degree’s but really……. what a complete turnaround in the weather department. Yes, I know it’s March but wow is all I can say… Monday came, and again the same. I guess I’m just venting, but then again so is everyone else who is waiting for the thaw and Spring.

In other news, I am training in a new department for work all week. Working in the Deli. Such a change of pace from working on the floor. No, it’s not a permanent position. I will be one of two back-up supervisors who will fill in when they are short-staffed. I actually enjoy doing this, but starting yesterday not so much. I tripped and fell. Needless, to say when I got home my whole body hurt. Landed on the right side of my body, so everything from my hip all the way to my neck is hurting. So that is why I didn’t get any ads posted yesterday. I’m sorry about that but my best friend yesterday was ice and heat. Still stiff and sore today but gotta get these sales done.

So thank’s for being patient and hope you all have a great day and week….



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