How To Be A Texan

I’m definetlly trying this. Looks delicious.

Texana's Kitchen


Since there is no Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur program available for you in learning Texan, I am offering this training to you free of charge.

If you are planning on travelling or moving to Texas, you will need to study up on the language and customs. You know, just like you would if you were visiting any other country. 

It isn’t that you will offend someone if you shake with the wrong hand, or slurp your soup at the dinner table. It’s that if you don’t understand a few things, you won’t be able to order food, understand directions, or blend in seamlessly to your new environment.

I will cover the 4 basic topics of Culture (Livin’), Clothing (Wearin’), Language (Talkin’), and Cuisine (Eatin’).


This could take up volumes, so I’ll reduce it to its basest elements. The “Texas Code” has…

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