$0.49 Caramel Apples, each

$0.99 per lb. Red Grapes 2 lb. package

$0.99 Anjou Pears 4 pack

$1.99 Apples, assorted varieties 3 lb. bag (exc. Organic)

$1.69 each Del Monte Pineapple

$0.69 each Pomegranates


$2.69 Friendly Farms Homogenized Milk gallon

$2.49 Friendly Farms 2% milk

$2.39 Friendly Farms skim or 1% milk

$1.29 Happy Farms Cream Cheese 8 oz.

$1.99 Beaumont Coffee Creamer 16 oz.


$0.69 Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix (chicken or cornbread) 6 oz.

$0.79 Chef’s Cupboard Scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes 4.7-4.9 oz.

$0.69 Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Mashed Potatoes loaded or buttery 4 oz.

$0.99 Chef’s Cupboard Instant Mashed Potatoes 13 oz.

$0.99 Chef’s Cupboard Mashed Potatoes assorted varieties 6.6 oz.

$0.89 Chef’s Cupboard Homestyle Turkey Gravy 12 oz.

$0.59 Fit & Active Condensed Soup Cream of chicken or Cream of mushroom 10.5 oz.

$0.59 Chef’s Cupboard Condensed Soup Cream of chicken, Cream of celery or Cream of mushroom 10.5 oz.

$1.99 Berryhill Strawberry Preserves 18 oz.

$1.29 Baker’s Corner Chocolate Frosting 16 oz.

$0.99 Baker’s Corner Classic Yellow Cake Mix 16.5 oz.

$1.99 Baker’s Corner Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bar 8 oz.


$7.99 Sealtite 14 piece Latching Food Storage Set

$6.99 Kitchen Living Oven Liner

$12.99 Kitchen Living hand Mixer

$2.99 Kitchen Living Metal Bakeware – nonstick

$14.99 Kitchen Living Mini Cupcake or Cake Pop Maker

$6.99 Anchor Hocking 2 quart Batter Bowl with Lid

$2.99 Kitchen Living Silicone Bakeware (6 c. muffin pan, loaf pan, round cake pan or square pan)

$12.99 Kitchen Living Chef’s Floor Mat

$9.99 Kitchen Living Digital Bowl Kitchen Scale

$1.99 Kitchen Living Wood Baking Utensils

$9.99 Kitchen Living Silicone Counter Mat


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