Dec. 22nd-28th

$3.98 Bluewave Cooked Shrimp 12 oz. – limit 2

$1.98 Del Monte Gold Pineapple – limit 1

$0.68 Birdseye Steamfresh Vegetables 12 oz. (corn, peas, beans, mixed or broccoli cuts) – limit 3

$4.98 Coke Products 24 pack – limit 1

$0.98 Cedar Crest Sherbet pint – limit 2

$0.98 Land O Lakes Dips 16 oz. – limit 1

$1.98 Dean’s Ice Cream Bars 12 ct. – limit 2

$4.98 Clementines 5 lb. box – limit 1

$1.98 Old Home Cottage Cheese – limit 1

$1.98 Land O Lakes Orange Juice gallon – limit 1

$0.88 Essential Everyday large Black Olives 6 oz. – limit 4

$0.88 Essential Everyday Green Olives 5.75 oz. – limit 4

Save $3.00 wyb any two (2) Rotel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chili’s and any one Velveeta 32 oz.
$5.88 Velveeta Cheese 2 lb. box
2/$3.00 Rotel Canned Tomatoes 10 oz.

Save $2.00 wyb Deli Cheese or Deli Meat wyb (2) two Keebler Club or Town House Crackers 9.5-16 oz.
$1.88 Keebler Club or Town House Crackers 9.5-16 oz.
$1/2 Keebler Crackers 12/17/12 www.coupons.com
$1/2 Keebler Club Crackers 8 oz.+ 12/17/12 www.snackpicks.com
$1/2 Keebler Crackers 8 oz.+ 12/9/12 RP insert
$1/2 Keebler Club Crackers 11 oz.+ 12/7/12 www.kelloggsrewards.com
Final: 2.76/2 or 1.38 each plus $2 off your cheese or deli meat

$0.88 Essential Everyday Cream Cheese 8 oz. – limit 4

$1.88 Essential Everyday Paper Towels 3 ct. – limit 2

$1.98 Banquet Breaded Boneless Chicken 12-16.2 oz. – limit 2

$0.88 Essential Everyday aluminum Foil 25 feet – limit 2

$2.98 Donna Mae’s Coffee Cakes 14 oz. – limit 2

$0.98 Essential Everyday large grade A eggs dozen – limit 1

$0.38 Friskies Cat Food 5.5 oz. cans – limit 8

$1.98 Wild Harvest Organic Salads 5 oz. tubs – limit 2


Save $2.00 wyb any two (2) Oscar Mayer Bacon 12-16 oz. exc. Turkey bacon or Oscar Mayer Butcher Thick Cut Bacon 22 oz.
2/$7.98 Oscar Mayer Bacon 12-16 oz.
Less $2.00/2 Gordy’s coupon
Final: 2/$5.98

$0.98 Tortino’s Party Pizza 9.8-10.9 oz. or Totino’s Pizza Rolls 7.5 oz.
.40/2 Totino’s Rolls Snacks 10/7/12 GM insert
Final: 1.56/2 or .78 each

$1.78 Nabisco Ritz or Snack Crackers 6.5-15.1 oz.
$1/2 Nabisco, cracker products, 6.5 – 18.5 oz. 11/11/12 SS Insert
.75/2 Nabisco crackers 6.5-18.5 oz. 11/11/12 SS insert
Final: 2.56/2 or 1.28 each

$0.78 Sierra Mist 2 liter bottle – Must buy 5

$2.22 Dean’s Ice Cream Scrounds 48 oz. assorted – limit 4

3/$4.98 Armour Meatballs or John Morrell Cocktail Smokies 12-14 oz. – save up to 7.47 on 3

4/$5 East Smart Assorted Vegetables 12 oz. eat fresh or microwave

$1.98 Chex Cereals (corn, rice, or wheat) 12.8-14 oz.
$1/2 GM Chex Cereal 12/2/12 SS insert
Final: 2.96/2 or 1.48 each

$3.98 lb. Tyson Bone-in assorted party wings

10/$10 Pasta or Rice A Roni 3.8 – 7.2 oz.

4/$5 Progresso Vegetable Classic Soup 18.5-19 oz.
$1/4 Progresso Soups 12/9/12 SS insert
$1/4 Progresso Soups 11/11/12 SS insert
Final: $4/4 or 1.00 each

For more sales go to www.Gordyscountymarket.net


Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, and on-line family. I hope that you all have a great day today and enjoy your friends, families, and festivities. Just a great day to relax, eat, drink, and be merry.

With this, I haven’t gotten my ad’s out for this week as I have been busy working long hours in the grocery business as well as trying to finish up all the last-minute stuff for Christmas. I will be back to a normal schedule after the holiday’s and I hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous new year.

Thank you all for your continued support in reading my blogs.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from my family to yours.




FESTIVAL FOODS Weekly Ad Match-Up and Sales


FESTIVAL FOODS Weekly Ad Match-Up and Sales
Dec. 16th – Dec. 22nd

$0.68 Kemps Sour Cream 16 oz. – limit 1

$0.98 Essential Everyday Large Eggs – limit 1

$0.98 Baby Bella Mushrooms 8 oz. pkg. – limit 1

$1.88 Crystal Farms Butter – limit 1

$1.88 Old Country Breads 16-20 oz. – limit 2

5/$11 Orv’s Ultimate Rizers Pizzas – 25.45-28.45 oz. assorted varieties – limit 10

$4.98 Coca-Cola products 24 pk. 12 oz. cans assorted varieties – limit 1

$2.47 Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist 12 pk. 12 oz. cans, 6 pk. 24 oz. bottles or 8 pk. 12 oz. bottles assorted varieties – limit 3 (Must buy 3)

$4.98 Cameron’s Hand Crafted Coffee 10-12 oz. value bags or 4.65 oz. single serve filers assorted varieties – limit 2

$5.00 off New York Strip Roasts and Steaks – 4 lb. minimum purchase required – this coupon is good to use on three ny strip logos in coupon

Buy any New York Strip Roast or Strips 4 lb. or larger get FREE
Kitchen Kleen Potatoes 5 lb. bag
Pan O Gold 12 ct. brown and serve rolls
Dole Pineapple 20 oz. (sliced, crushed, or chunked) – limit 1

$0.98 per lb. Cook’s Smoked Ham – limit 1


$1.98 per lb. Hillshire Farm Bone-in Ham (whole or half)

$0.48 Green Giant Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz. (sweet peas, whole kernel or cream style corn, cut or French green beans, regular only) – limit 10

$0.78 Dole Classic Iceberg Salad Mix 12 oz. pkg.

$1.78 Nabisco Ritz or Snack Crackers 7.5-15.5 oz. Ritz or 5.5-10 oz. snack crackers assorted varieties – limit 3
$1/2 or .75/2 Nabisco products, 6.5-18.5 oz. 11/11/12 SS insert
Final: 2.56/2 or 1.28 each

$2.98 Cedar Crest Ice Cream 48 oz. assorted varieties

$0.98 A and W, 7Up, RC Cola or Diet Rite 2 liter bottles

$0.89 Dole Pineapple, Mandarin oranges, or Tropical fruit assorted sizes

$1.88 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail 64 oz. assorted varieties

2/$4 Frito lay Classics or Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

2/$4 Gedney Mini Munchers Pickles 32 oz. pain or kosher
Use (2) .75/1 Gedney Pickles, any 5/13/12 RP insert
Final: as low as 2.50/2 or 1.25 each

$3.98 Simek’s Meatballs 22 oz. regular, Italian, or turkey


2/$5 Keebler Snack Crackers (select brands and sizes)
Save $2.00 wyb any 2 Keebler Townhouse Crackers & any cheese from the Dairy or Deli Dept.w/greensheet coupon
.70/1 Keebler Townhouse Flatbread Crisps Crackers 9.5 oz.+ 12/4/12 www.Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com
$1/2 Keebler Crackers 8 oz.+ 12/9/12 RP insert
$1/2 Keebler Club Crackers 11 oz.+ 12/7/12 www.Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com
Price: will vary

$2.99 French’s French Fried Onions 6 oz. regular only
.50/1 French’s French Fried Onions 12/15/12 www.coupons.com
.50/1 French Fried Onions 12/7/12 www.CampbellsKitchen.com
.50/1 French Fried Onions 12/9/12 SS insert
$1/1 French Fried Onions 11/4/12 SS insert
Save an $1.00 with an additional purchase of any 5 Green Giant canned vegetables w/greensheet coupon
Price: will vary

4/$3 Swanson Chicken Broth 14 oz. original or Natural Goodness
.50/2 Swanson broth or stock 12/1/12 www.coupons.com
.40/3 Swanson broth cans 11/4/12 SS insert
Final: as low as $2.00/4 or .50 each

$0.99 Creamette speciality Pasta 16 oz. (rotini, rotelle, medium shells, or radiator nuggets)

$0.99 Cool Whip Topping 8 oz. regular or lite
.75/1 Cool Whip Frosting 12/1/12 www.SmartSource.com
$1/1 Cool Whip Frosting 12/9/12 SS insert
.75/1 Cool Whip Frosting 12/9/12 SS insert
.75/1 Cool Whip Frosting 12/1/12 www.CoolSavings.com
$1/2 Cool Whip Frosting 11/11/12 SS insert
.75/1 Cool Whip Frosting 11/11/12 SS insert
Final: as low as FREE

$0.98 Westpac Classic Frozen Vegetables 16 oz. pkg. (peas, cut corn, broccoli, green beans, or mixed)

$4.99 Blue Bunny Ice Cream 4.5 qt. pail assorted varieties

$1.49 Colgate Toothpaste 4.6 oz. assorted varieties
.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz.+ 12/2/12 SS insert
Final: .99


3/$5 Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls 8 ct. regular only
.40/3 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 12/1/12 http://www.coupons.com
.40/3 Pillsbury Grands or Grands Jr. Biscuits 12/1/12 http://www.coupons.com
.60/3 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls 12/1/12 http://www.coupons.com
.50/3 Pillsbury Grands or Grands Jr. Biscuits 12/8/12 http://www.BettyCrocker.com
.50/1 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls 12/8/12 http://www.BettyCrocker.com
.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 12/8/12 http://www.BettyCrocker.com
.50/1 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls 12/9/12 SS insert
.40/3 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 12/9/12 SS insert
.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls 12/9/12 SS insert
.30/2 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 12/9/12 SS insert
Final: as low as 3.50/3 or 1.16 each

$0.89 Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard 12 oz.

$0.99 Pepsi products 1.5 liter assorted varieties

$1.29 Kemps Half and Half 1 pint

$0.58 Carl Buddig Lunchmeat or Snack Buds 2 oz. (assorted ham, beef, turkey, pastrami or 1.6 oz. snack buds)


$2.49 Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 7 oz. assorted varieties
.55/1 Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel, exc. 2.75 oz. 12/2/12 SS insert
1.50/2 Edge Shave Gel, 7 oz. 11/11/12 SS insert
Final: 3.48/2 or 1.74 each

$5.98 Schick or Quattro Razors for Men 4 ct. razors, 4 ct. xtreme3, or 3 ct. Quattro disposable
$2/1 Schick Hydro or Quattro for men, razor or refill 12/2/12 SS insert
Final: 3.98

$5.98 Schick Slim Twin or Quattro Razors for Women, 12 ct. slim twin, regular or sensitive or 3 ct. Quattro ultra slim
$2/1 Schick Hydro or Quattro for women razor or refill 12/2/12 SS insert
$3/1 Schick Hydro or Quattro for women razor or refill, must share to get $3 off 9/12/12 on their Facebook site
Final: as low as 2.98

For more sales go to www.festivalfoods.com

Oakwood Mall July Events

Check out the calendar of events for Oakwood Mall in lovely Eau Claire, WI.

They have a lot of great shops and eateries in the mall and the surrounding area.

Farmers Market at Oakwood Mall

6/9/12 thru 10/27/12

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Every Tuesday and Saturday

in the main entrance off Golf Road

Christmas in July  sale @ Christopher & Banks

7/12/12  thru  7/17/12

Up to 70% off

FREE Rock of Ages  Soundtrack Music Download

6/19/12 to 7/15/12

look under sales and events @ www.oakwoodmall.com

FREE Mom‘s Best Recipe Cookbook Download

6/8/12 thru 7/15/12

look under sales and events @ www.oakwoodmall.com

Come out and enjoy all Oakwood Mall has to offer.

Glad to Be Back!!!

Hi everyone.

I’m glad to be back. As some of you know that I ended up going in for emergency surgery, so I’ve haven’t been blogging for a couple of weeks. Still healing up as it will take quite a while but I do feel a little better that I can back into to blogging. Maybe not all sales quite yet, but whatever I’m capable of doing.

Everything has been on the back-burner as far as the ads, sales, coupons. I just started going through my coupons as throwing all that money away. It was hard… There were so many coupons that I had for sales that I knew I could get items for free or dirt cheap. That was the hardest.

But now I’m feeling a little better that I can start to blog again. I may start out  little slow but bear with me until I heal up and get back into the swing of things.

So for all of you that sent your thoughts and prayers, thank you. It’s good to be back.

Have a great a wonderful Easter to all.


Tammy (Luvmycoupons)

Monthly Wisconsin Energy Cooperative

I usually just post sales for the week. But I want to share this magazine that I get monthly. Wisconsin Energy Cooperative. What a great monthly reading. It carries various articles – anything from Wisconsin’s role in an energy revolution and changes taking place to local news, editorials, news briefs, consumer information as well as young members, Wisconsin Favorites, Wisconsin Events, recipes and classifieds. Of course my favorites are the many recipes that have been tried and I love them to their monthly calendar within the state of Wisconsin.  I want to share their calendar with you for the month of March. To check it out go to: www.wecnmagazine.com.

MARCH 2012

March/April Vietnam Veterans Tribute in Neillsville

  • The Highground Learning Center from 10 am to 5 pm daily

2,3 Thrift Sale in Chippewa Falls

  • First Presbyterian Church Fri., 9-4:30; Sat. 9-11.30.

3 Ice Fishing Rumble in Phillips

  • Roll-In Point 7-5 pm
  • Registration closes at 10 am

2,7,16,23,30 Fish Fry in Brackett/Foster area

  • St. Raymond’s Catholic church

3 Gourmet Dinner in Montella

  • Father Marquette Center
  • Budda Box Fight Against Cancer Benefit

3,4 Ice O’Rama in Ashland

  • NW Rod & Gun Club on Chequamegon Bay
  • Starts at 5 am March 3 and ends 12 pm on March 4th
  • Refreshments, raffles, food, fishing contest

3,10 Painting in Acrylics Workshop in Phillips

  • Wisconsin Concrete Park, Fred Smith Studio

9 Owl Prowl in Necedah

9-11 “Cinderella” Phillips

  • Phillips High School – Fri.& Sat. 7 & Sun 2 pm

10 Benefit Rummage Sale – Coon Valley

  • Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center

11 country Jam in Wauzeka

  • Century Hall – open at 10 am

 13 Porch Greeter Lunch in Neillsville at the Highground

17 St. Patrick’s/St. Urho’s Day Dinner in Brantwood

  • Brantwood Community Center 4:30-6:30 Dinner with program to follow

17 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at St. Pat’s School 4:30-7 pm in Eau Claire

17 Potluck Archery Fun shot in Endeavor 12-4 pm

  • Vendors, crafts, and concessions

17 Beginning Beekeeping Class in Apple River, IL

  • Apple Creek Apiaries 2 pm
  • Registration required

17 Quilt Show Medford Area Senior High 10-4 pm

18 Birds of Prey Workshop in Phillips

  • Wisconsin Concrete Park 1-4 pm
  • Registration required

18 St. Patrick’s Day Carnival in Tomah

  • St. Mary’s Catholic School 10:30-2 pm

18 Polka Jam in Marshfield

  • Eagles Club noon

22 the Red Cedar conference in Menomonie

  • UW Stout Student Center
  • Includes: Economic development, profitable farming, water quality, recreational activities, tourism, and property values

23 Fish Fry in Potosi

24 Chili & chicken Noodle Soup Dinner in Briggsville Legion Hall 4-7:30 pm

 24,25 Spring Sport, Home, and Craft Show at Phillips High School Sat. 9-5 & Sun. 10-3

25 Farm Toy & Craft Show in Thorp at the High School 9-3 pm

24-May 5 Timberdoole Dance at Prairie du Chien various evenings

25 Pancake Breakfast at Jump River Community Center 8-12 pm

25 Polka variety Dance in Pound at the Equity Park Ballroom 1-5 pm

27-29 52nd WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh EAA 9-4 pm

30 Jr. Duck judging at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge 8-12 pm

30,31 Quilter’s Retreat at Prairie du Chien Hoffman Hall

  • Fri. 8-8 and Sat. 8-5
  • Demo’s, vendors, snacks and meals included in registration

31 Farm Toy, Hobby Collectables Show, and Toy Auction at Tomah Fairgrounds 9-3 pm, Auction 4:30

31-April 1 Home & Garden Show at Prairie du Chien National Quary Armory 10-3 & 10-2

31 Pancake Supper in Ogema Elementary School 4-7:30

31 Co-Ed Volleyball Tourney and Run/Walk Montello High School

  • For the month of March there are some recipes for Peanut Butter lovers. Check them out